Valenshlov's name mean 'strong' and 'god', which is pretty cool...considering the fact that we just made up the word.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 at 2

Valenshlov looking hot, when Helga and Ramadan noticed this, these losers took a picture to save this forever.

The three species that are in the DNA of Valenshlov would be goat, polar bar and god.

(Don't ask us how we know this, but instead just go with it bro.)


Valenshlov looking fine after eating Henry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What Does Valenshlov Do?

Valenshlov is in second command of a goat army, a mafioso in the Mafia and an idol that is worshiped by those who know the true ruler. Dirty work is the simple way to put it, just be quiet about this...or we will have to call in Gertha to take care of you.

Appearance and Personality

Valenshlov is hot, and personality would be an eleven out of ten. They can be in a goat or polar bear form.

Fun Facts about Valenshlov

- They eat husbands, children and pizza.

- Their best friend is Gertha.

- They love MCR and One Direction.

- "Nom nom nom." -Valenshlov2017

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