Valenshlov's Family and Friends:


- Helga/Julianna (The Goat Lord and Raiser)

Helga is a Russian, Canadian and Goatian lady...she is the leader of her goat army and head chef in Ramadan's Pizzeria. She loves to dab and photoshop. She owns place to nurture her little goats.

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- Vin Diesel (Husband of Helga)



- J/Blobby (The Goat Mother/Owner)


(Blobby is an emo blobfish, who likes to be salty and listen to P!ATD.)

Note: She's hot. pretty.

- Ramadan/Aurora (The Goat Daddy/The Goat Mother's Spouse/Evil Magician)

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I'm a mistake.

(not finished)

- Sam (Stranger/Friend of Helga)

- Henry (Snack)

- Max (Polar Bear Parent/The Spouse of Henry)

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